About Us

Welcome to Pier Avenue Baptist Church!

We would love to welcome you to our fellowship at one of our services, events or activities. We are a friendly and welcoming Church and love to meet new people of any age. 

Mission Statement

Our fellowship, here in Clacton, has a Mission Statement, which summarizes what we stand for. It says that our purpose is:

– To celebrate God’s presence

– To communicate God’s Word

– To educate God’s people

– To demonstrate God’s love

We have broken this down to explain it.  Our purpose is:

– To celebrate God’s presence. We do this whenever we meet for worship (see services) but also at other times when we praise and worship God together.

– To communicate God’s Word. We strongly believe in mission – both locally and internationally, and we support all kinds of mission work, involving practical caring as well as evangelism.

– To educate God’s people. This we do through various youth and children’s’ activities, through Bible study and House groups, and through our Sunday teaching programme.

– To demonstrate God’s love. We truly want our Church to be a family, in which Christian love is shared between every member, and through which God’s love is shown to the local community and the world.

These are the principles we stand for, and we welcome all who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and who share these aims, to join us in serving God in Clacton.

Our Minister

Rev. Sean Fountain

Our minister is Rev Sean Fountain.

Sean and his family moved to Clacton in December 2007 and he commenced his ministry in January 2008.  Sean has, previously, ministered in Wednesbury in the West Midlands and Fleckney in Leicestershire.

Sean has always believed that the Church should be at the heart of the community and so he is actively involved in the community projects that run from Pier Avenue Baptist Church.  He is involved in schools work, is Padre to the local Air Training Corps and is on the Chaplaincy team at Pleshey Retreat House.

His ministry has developed over the time he has been at Pier Avenue.  He has completed training as a Spiritual Director and has developed an interest in writing.  His blog, www.fountainsthoughts.co.uk is regularly updated and he has written a number of devotional books used by the Church.  He is a member of the Association of Christian Writers and has been published in one of their anthologies.