We have bi-weekly Housegroups. Some take place in the day time and some in the evenings (usually Wednesdays).

If you are interested to know where the Housegroups meet, and would like to consider joining one of them, contact the Church Office and we will let you have more information.

  • Telephone the Church Office: (01255) 474391

Why belong to a Housegroup?

  • The first Christians met in Housegroups – see Acts 2 v46-47
  • Christians had no Church buildings for at least 300 years – the period of the Church’s greatest growth – they met in homes.
  • There are many references to churches meeting in homes in the New Testament – look at Romans 16v5, 1 Corinthians 16v19, Colossians 4v15.

What are the benefits of Housegroups?

  • They enable fellowship to happen at a deeper and more personal level than Sunday Church can.
  • They encourage discipleship (Christians becoming more like Jesus), by allowing interaction, discussion, sharing ideas, accountability etc.
  • They make service a reality, by enabling group members to get to know each other’s gifts and abilities and by members encouraging each other to serve in new and important ways.
  • They can also help to promote evangelism, as members encourage each other to share their faith, and perhaps even through group activities. It is much less threatening to met a small group of people than it is to meet a large congregation.
  • They enable prayer as group members pray for each other (in between meetings too!) – and as relationships are strengthened.
  • They allow for better pastoral care as members get to know each other, and learn to show love and practical concern.
  • They can also be a way of helping us to study the Bible together – but this should be a means to an end – not an end in itself! Bible study is about building fellowship and building better disciples – not showing off our knowledge, or giving the right answers to questions!