Enfold Project

The Enfold Project started in February 2012 and opens its doors to the homeless and disadvantaged in the area.

Every Thursday, each person signs in and is offered a breakfast with Fruit Juice, cereals, scrambled egg on toast and baked beans with tea and coffee.

Initially, there were only men attending, but now we are getting on for 20% women coming as well. All have needs of varying types and we have support groups who can offer help. These include Beacon House, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Volunteer Centre Tendring.

Enfold also includes under its umbrella, the Child Contact Centre, Community Money Advice and IT Training.

We have been generously funded for the various aspects of these facets of our work including the Lloyds TSB Foundation, the PJK Charitable Trust, and the Cinnamon Trust. We give thanks to them, and for God’s provision through them. 

Press release from Tendring District Council

Clacton Project Which Helps People in Need Goes from Strength to Strength

25th February 2013
Enfold Project

A project which provides practical help and advice for people in need in Clacton is going from strength to strength.

The Enfold Project, which was set up at Pier Avenue Baptist Church last year, offers facilities for the disadvantaged in the town’s hard to reach Pier Ward.

It was given a £17,000 award from Tendring’s Big Society Fund to help finish work on the building, completing new showers, toilets and facilities for the disabled.

The scheme also received funding from Essex County Council, The Primary Care Trust, Essex Environment Trust and the Fowler Smith and Jones Charitable Trusts.

TDC Leader Peter Halliday, Essex County Council Portfolio Holder for Public Health Ann Naylor and County Councillor Ann Brown made a visit to the Church to see how the initiative is progressing.

They were told that the numbers using the service were between 40 and 45 – and sometimes more.

Cllr Halliday said that he was impressed with what the Enfold Project had achieved in a very short time to benefit vulnerable members of the community.

“They are doing a great job to provide vital facilities and support,” he said.

“While many of the people go back on a regular basis the project has now dealt with 100 different people over the past year.

“However, they have become a victim of their own success in that they have to find more money to cover increased heating bills. We are going to see if we can give them any advice on where they can seek extra funding.”

Cllr Halliday added that the imminent introduction of a job club is a good example of how this venture is trying to help the most vulnerable residents turn their life around.

Essex County Councillor Ann Naylor, Cabinet Member for Public Health, said: “I was very impressed with the Enfold project when I visited. The project offers a wide range of services to those in need in Clacton in a safe and friendly environment.”

The project provides a free breakfast and showers mostly to those living in night shelters or bedsits where they do not have those facilities.

The church has around 20 volunteers giving up their time to operate the service and there is further support from Beacon House nurses, the Citizens Advice Bureau, One-Support Housing and the Volunteer Centre Tendring who offer a whole raft of services.

There is also a computer lounge that those attending can use, IT classes and help to make benefit claims which will soon need to be made online under new Government regulations.

As part of the project the church also runs a Child Contact Centre on Saturdays offering a safe friendly and neutral place where children of separated parents can spend quality time with one or both parents.

“The Enfold project has had a direct and significant impact on improving the lives of a significant number of people in the Pier Ward and is making a real difference to many lives,” added Cllr Halliday.

“I am delighted that their application for TDC’s Big Society Fund money was successful and has been put to such excellent use.”

Project Leader Duncan Wood said that people turn up and get the chance to seek help and advice from whoever they need to.

“We are now getting more young people coming along and there has been a rise in the number of women,” he said.

“We had none to start with but they now account for around 20 per cent.

“The child contact centre was taken on because the previous one in the town had shut and we now have 24 children attending each Saturday from about a dozen families.”


Press release from the Daily Gazette

Church project to help the homeless

Saturday 18th February 2012 

A CHURCH will open its doors to the homeless as part of a new community project.

Pier Avenue Baptist Church in Clacton has just completed a revamp which includes installing new shower and toilet facilities.

It has also been given better access for disabled people and the heating has been upgraded.

The improvements were made with the help of funding from Essex County Council, Tendring Council and various charities, to allow the church to launch its Enfold project.

The project includes opening the church to homeless and disadvantaged people every Thursday morning.

They will be offered breakfast and showering facilities, and there will be a nurse and other support workers on site.

Church elder Duncan Wood said: “This is a very needy area, and there are a lot of homeless and disadvantaged people who need our help.”